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Belarusian Children Fund

Please, support the programmes of Belarussian Childrens Fund:

Childrens heart

In this programe Fund organizes different help to children with hardest heart defects:  consultations, surgery, post-operative rehabilitation, sanitation, creates conditions for the professional development of physicians.

At the invitation of the Belarusian Children's Fund  an international  team of specialists in cardiology annually comes in Belarus, led by Dr. William Novick (USA). Foreign surgeons together with Belarusian doctors conducting the most complex surgeries for children on open heart .19 times foreign specialists from 11 countries(USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany) visited Belarus. During the programme Childrens heart 428 children with the most complex heart defects were operated and more than 1.800 received expert advices.

But the most important is that working with foreign colleagues, belarussian doctors and nurses get necessary knowledge and professional experience.

All surgical procedures are free for children.

But we need funds to organize the work of foreign specialists: to pay for accommodation, food, transportation and other expenses, the purchase of essential drugs, vitamins, consumables.

The next visit of international team of cardio surgeons will take place on January, 2013.

Money for the programme you can transfer (link to): http://www.bcf.by/en/contacts/account.html


Warm house

This is a programme to put orphans in the family. The target of the programme is to create family type homes with minimum 5 children. We buy comfortable cottages for families, provide them with furniture, appliances and other necessary things for the fully fledged life of orphans, and accompany children. For today 41 family type home are functioning, where  325 orphans are brought up and  201 orphans has already left family type homes as they entered educational institution to get a profession or found job According to the agreement signed between the foster parents and Belarusian Children's Fund, the house is owned by the Fund for 15 years. If the family during this time will remain a family-type home, the house will become their property.

For 12 years the project has accumulated a lot of problems connected with the repair of houses, furniture replacement,  supplying with gas and other needs.Exept that such big families quite often need  seasonal buying clothes, shoes, school implements and other needs.

You can help orphans, brought up in family type homes by transferring money to the operating account of Belarussian childrens Fund (see link) http://www.bcf.by/en/contacts/account.html.


Rehabilitation and sanitation programmes Rainbow of hope and Happy hearts

These are projects of rehabilitation of disabled children, critically ill children in the Republic of Belarus. Already over 6 years rehabilitation and sanitation shifts "Happy Hearts" are conducted for children , that underwent heart surgery, as well as children with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system .

Every year during the shift more than 50 sick children from all over the country,  who have spent a long time in hospital, underwent a serious heart surgery or heavy  recovery period underwent rehabilitation here. Such category of children need high-quality rehabilitation programme, that Belarussian Childrens Fund offers. First of all- its restorative procedures and work with psychologists.

The rest during the shift is free for all children.All the expenditures connected with organization and realization of this project takes on Belarusian Children's Fund with the support of sponsors.

Its interesting to look at the experience of  Belarussian Childrens Fund in rehabilitation of ontologically ill children. Each year, the National Children's educational and health center "Zubrenok" conductes rehabilitation and sanitation shift  "Rainbow of Hope." During this time, more than 1,800 children with oncology underwent sanitation and rehabilitation in special conditions.

Organizing sanitation shifts, Belarusian Children's Fund pays for vouchers, extra food, tours, work for experts, doctors, psychologists, purchase of vitamins, juices, fruit, etc.

If you are interested in the projects of Belarussian Children's Fund, will be happy to develop joint cooperation with you in  interesting for you field.

To check the process of assistance, you can click on this link: http://www.bcf.by/en/contacts/account.html.